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vintagedisney's Journal

Vintage Disney Photos - magic of the past
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Vintage photos of Disneyland
When my parents and grandparents passed away I inherited all their photos. They grew up in the Disneyland area, at one point my dad lived 'a crossed' the street from Disneyland and I grew up with tales of him as a kid watching the fireworks and Tinkerbelle fly on hot summer nights from their front yard. Of my Uncle's discovery that he was terrified of heights when he stepped on the sky buckets. And of my parents romatic dates.

This community is for posting vintage photos of Disneyland to show how the magic has been enjoyed through out the various generations.

1. Please try to limit posts to pre 80's pictures, unless the picture looks exceptionally dated in fashion, rides or concepts. This is not a community for recent trip photos (there are plenty of other communities out there for that.) But to share the magic of the past.
2. Please keep pictures to a decent size and use a Lj-cut for multiple photo posts.
3. Please be poliet to other members, this community is open to all ages. And I'd like it to be enjoyable to all.

It is assumed all photos are copywrited by their original poster. Please do not use with out their permission.